Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stage Mom

I tell you moms and dads, especially to moms, of course, that it is quite easy if your child is a boy when it comes to school's programs and celebrations. Especially what I had just experienced in regards to my daughter's moving up ceremonies.


1. You have to fix their hair to a couture. She's only four years old and she wakes up late. Imagine how am I going to bathe her, dry her hair, fix her do into something she likes in just thirty minutes time.

2. Select a dress that she will like. Good thing if your child just wears anything you put on them. Mine's different. At a very young and tender age of four, she knows how to appreciate good style to "this-will-do" style. I see she's happy when people complement her about her dresses, thats why she's confident and tells you she's sexy. Yes, she knows what's sexy means. To her, it means the dress is great, it looks good on her and she's noticed because of it.

3. Make up. Not an expertise of mine but with some basic moves, I try not to make her face a canvass for some abstract designs or something. Kidding aside, when my child saw I put something on my eyebrows, she just looks at me. But.... but, beware... Once I leave the room, she will get the eyeliner and do it on herself. Believe the "Keep away from children." label. (this deserves another blog post).

5. Shoes...You dont want your child to be the reflection of your poor taste in clothing.

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