Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday at Jollibee

Here in the Philippines, Jollibee is the number one fastfood restaurant. Here in my town, unfortunately, there's no McDonalds yet. Hoping they will set-up their branch here in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya this year.
My daughter celebrated her birthday at Jollibee last March 12, 2008. It is not actually a birthday party though. She celebrated her birthday party at school. We just ate there. Together with her cousins and grandmother (father's side), my daughter was very happy and giggly and hyperactive. She could not concentrate on her food and she likes to run to and from the playground. When asked how old she is, she just flashes her four fingers to you. She tells me she is long, (not tall). She ordered chickenjoy together with her cousins. My daughter will not eat spaghetti like most children. She doesn't like the sauce and would only eat the pasta. She also doesn't like catsup with her french fries. She would rather dip it into her gravy. She doesn't like the burger, but only like to take a bite on the bread. Choosy you say? Nahhh. I say eccentric eater. One more thing, she only likes the skin of the hotdog.

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