Monday, March 10, 2008

The Manila Ocean Park

This is the proof that I really went there! huh! Well they still don't have much souvenirs to take home or any give-aways for that matter, so I kept these tickets. The admission ticket for adults is Php 400.00 while for a child, it is Php 350.00. It's a big chunk from our allowance but I tell you, it's really worth it. If not for the limited time we were alloted to, (bec. we have to go to Avilon Zoo) I would have gladly stayed the whole day. Looking at the variety of fishes swimming could take the reality and the problems away. I felt transported to the vastness of the real ocean for just a few seconds.
Lunch came and we saw how they fed the stingrays and the sharks and the multitude of marine species. It was such a great experience. Stingrays are 'hand fed.' They were like babies that are spoon fed, straight to their mouth. Even the Electric Eel is hand fed by the scuba diver. It was like Fiesta! How I wish I was the one feeding them that exact moment. It was just so awesome!

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