Monday, March 10, 2008

Ocean Park Manila

Last March 4, 2008, the United Methodist Kiddie Kollege of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya went to the newly opened MANILA OCEAN PARK.

We were so excited, not just the children but us too, the parents and the guardians to visit the first world-class themed park. The Ocean Mall (as I like to call it) is a fusion bringing together in one complex an Oceanarium, a mall, a restaurant row, boutique hotel, open water marine habitats and multi-purpose function facilities.
When we visited the site, it's just a few meters walk from the Museo Pambata which we visited first as part of the students' fieldtrip itinerary. Located behind the Quirino Granstand at the Luneta Park, so it's not difficult to locate it.
Everybody had a grand time. Aside from those who have seen the Hongkong Ocean Park and the Sentosa in Singapore, it was a first time for most of us. Even those who have seen some oceanarium could attest the beauty and the size of the new Ocean Park.
My child's favorite is no other than the stingray. At first, she thought it was a bird, because of its wing-like body. Even after I explained it to her that it was not a bird, when her Papa called asking what she saw in the Ocean Park, she still replied, "a bird."
The picture above is together with her teachers and some students of the school.

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