Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Traditions

The Easter Festivity unfolds at dawn about 4:00AM exactly with the traditional Salubong or Easter Vigil. Here in the northern part of the Philippines where mostly are Ilocanos, we call it "Sabet-sabet." It is a procession heralding the resurrection of Christ and his reunion with Mary. While the images of Mother and Son are processioned separately around the church, then they meet up at the entrance, a little girl dressed up like an angel replaces the Blessed Virgin’s black veil of grief and mourning, with a white one. The Feast culminates with the celebration of a Holy Mass followed by Easter Egg Hunt at the Church gardens for the kids and kids at heart.


Rachel S said...

What a lovely blog! I'm enjoying my visits!

Lotus Flower said...

For so many years I have wanted to attend a Salubong. The more famous ones in the Rizal provinces. I hope to do that before I die:-)

Happy Easter to you and your daughter.