Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What to do?

Its summer vacation.
What to do?

A day in the life of a little girl.

8:00am wake up, wash up
9:00am eat, eat, eat (breakfast & snacks)
10:00am bathe
10:15am to 12:00noon playing while watching Dora, Barney etc....
12:30pm lunch
1:00pm visit playmates
1:30pm playtime TV turned on (no more naptime)
3:00pm snack time
3:15pm playtime
6:30pm dinner
7:00pm still playtime
9:00pm go home
10:00pm hit the bed

She couldn't concentrate when I teach her in the morning to practice her alphabet and writing, no matter what. Whe it comes to her, its a battle of wills. Children are very different today, they can think up of numerous reasons and alibis just so they wont follow what you want them to do. She doesn't have a playmate so I bring her to my friends' house or to her cousins' house so she can have playmates. She would nag me endlessly when will we go to her friends so she can play. She complains that she doen't have anything to do at home. I guess she gets tired of Dora and Barney already. Well it's actually not healthy for a child to just be at home and watching TV or videos even though they are educational for her. There is no ballet or dancing school here in our town as it is her area of interest. Summer is summer spent here. Just doing nothing.

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