Friday, February 1, 2008

My firsts!

How Did it Started?

I started reading about "The Secret" and all other books about the "Law of Attraction" when I came about a link from searching about "Rich Dad Poor Dad." It says... "Secret".... it doesn't say "The Secret" or "The Secret DVD". It's a blog about getting Rich and accumulating wealth, I can't really remember the blog that I visited for I just randomly click on what interest me or intrigue me. Secret.... hmmmm..... what's that? Let me see? Hmmm... Then from there on, I was hook. I downloaded free ebooks like Think and Grow Rich, Acres of Diamond, The Magic Story, As a Man Thinketh.... well the list go on...

Well thanks to my curiosity, I have stumbled upon A New Thought or Mind Power or call it what you want. Now the question is, has the Law of Attraction caused me to find my way to this? Maybe, while I was sitting here infront of the computer, all I am thinking and wanting is how can I be rich?

I am currently unemployed, stay at home mom, full time mother, school-home routine... that's what I am. I felt I was not growing. I felt I was not succeeding. The only thing that soothes my boredom is this... the internet. I used to do blogging in multiply and in friendster, but not regularly, only when I feel like it. Only to share something to a few close friends of mine but not actually to the general public for I know they can't relate to it. One thing more, it's written in our dialect.

So after reading and reading all about subjects under New Thought and Mind Power (actually, I havn't finished yet... there's a lot!) I am trying to relate it to my life and apply it as much as I can.

Lesson 1. Be conscious of my thoughts.

I believed before that as long as I didn't broadcast my thoughts, there's nothing wrong to it. That there's no harm if I think bad or evil against anybody or to myself. That there's no repurcussions of what I am thinking. That I dont possess telekenesis or strong mind over matter. Only psychics do that, like when I watch David Blaine...

Then I read about controlling your mind. Thoughts become things. Your thought either good or bad can have an effect in you sooner or later.

Now thinking back.... What did I thought when I was about to take the versant test? It was just a machine actually but it caused me to lose my confidence in my ability. Was I thinking "I wish I'll past the test." or " I wish I'll not flunk the test." Either way, it was kinda wrong, for the Law of Attraction says that I should claim it or consider it done. What I should be thinking then is "I have passed the test." I should have seen myself as a regular employee..etc...etc.

Why was I always fighting with my husband? Now looking back... In my mind, I am always rewinding our previous fights, this time I am the winner, I have the last say, I can defend and I can argue and I can debate better than him. In my mind, I was THINKING that when we fight again, I can invoke more torture, more hurt than he could hurt me. NOW, I have realized that maybe it was a vicious cycle because I was always rewinding the fight scenes. NOw I know better. Why not relive the good times in my mind. Hard at first, But I'll try. This is as honest as I can get.. Nobody knows this... but I am blogging it? What the heck... It is my first step..Admitting my mistakes and hopefully moving on

My first lesson... Guard my thoughts, be conscious of my thoughts, be conscious of my emotions.

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