Friday, February 15, 2008

Easy to say, Hard to do

When we are asked what we want in life, we answer a lot of things. We want everything, we want more, we want a lot more and we want the world!
Everyday we decide that we want this and we want that. We never focus on what we really want. Today I decide I am going to be this, then tomorrow it's another story. This could be the reason why many people dont achieve anything because we cannot focus on what we really want in life.
Everyone wants to be rich. Who doesn't? But the question is always "HOW?"
We are greatly influenced by our environment, by our family, friends and everything else. When we were young, we were influenced by our parents and relatives on deciding what we want. When we are old enough to decide for ourselves, friends can influence us. The media is a very powerful tool when deciding something for our lives. Recently, we watched a tv program that showed people who became rich by defying the odds in their lives. They were poor to start with. One was a fruit vendor and now she is the supplier of imported fruits for the whole region. One was a dancer who worked in Japan and now she owns resorts and some business establishments. Another is a single parent who made money thru selling real estate.
When we watch these stories on TV, we begin to visualize ouselves in the shoes of those who got rich. We like to experience what they are having. Great cars, fabulous vacations, big and beautiful house, numerous friends and happy family. It makes us feel great! We dream their big dreams. We suddenly decide, "I want to be that person."
Another day passed and that dream is forgotten. We are faced with today's problems. We become discouraged and disillusioned. We forgot what we want to be. You suddenly realize that how can you be rich when your salary is not even enough to support your family. You're just a mere employee who needed to please your boss from time to time. You realize that your house is loaned and paying a big interest in the bank. You encounter numerous graft and corruption in your own government that these people steals from the coffers of the government and you are paying taxes for thier pockets.
These situations can and will make a person lose his dreams. It makes him lose his focus on what he wants. Maybe he will just shift gears and be content on where he is, surviving everyday like he will just drift through life without direction and purpose. We tend to adjust or limit our dreams according to our present situation. We lose the picture. On a personal note, I can get really irritated by this remark, "If only I was LUCKY." I can answer you like, "Your name is not LUCKY!"
It really helps if you read about self improvement, positive thinking books and self helps, etc. It also helps to have friends to uplift you up, family to support your goals. Most importantly, if you yourself is an optimistic person, that whatever happens in life, you never lose sight of your dreams. Focus!

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