Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pinoy thinking

My friends and I had a topic about positive thinking. One friend of mine is worried about her delayed visa thru mail and she was thinking about scenarios why it is delayed. Maybe it got lost...maybe the address was wrong... maybe the courier did not deliver correctly... and so many other maybe's.
In the course of our conversations, I thought, "Now is the opportunity to change the manner of thinking to make my friend feel confident and attract positive energy than to think weird and negative scenarios that may dampen her realizing the goal she wants."
I told her to think positive thoughts like "it is now on your way." We reassured her that God is good and believe that all will be well as planned.
Filipinos usually construct their sentences like this...
When asked, "How are you today?"
The Filipino answer is "OK lang." - (Translated as "Just OK.")
When asked, "How's life?"
"Eto naghihirap." (Still poor) "Nakakaraos din." (Surviving) "Ganito pa rin." (Still the same)
When asked to contribute or donate or give some money or just to buy something, automatically the answer is "Wala akong pera." (I do not have money).
I remember one time when my mother was asked by a visitor in our house why she didnt apply for a landline phone, her remark was "Wala akong pambayad." ( I do not have money to pay the bills). The visitor answered immediately, "Wag kang magsalita ng ganyan, baka lalo kang mawalan." (Don't say such things, you might lose it.)
One of my friends agreed that it is best to change the sentence to make it positive.
Instead, we will begin to say:
My life is great. I have money. Money is coming to me. My married life is doing great. My kids are going great in school. My social life is great. I have friends that care. I have family that supports and love me. I have different sources of income and money is easy to find. I will not entertain negativity and focus on improving my life spiritually, financially, physiologically, physically ....holistic.

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