Tuesday, February 5, 2008

kung hei fat choi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

February 7, 2008 is the start ot the Chinese new year and people here in the Philippines are getting ready for it. Chinese or not, due to unlimited media mileage, even if not of Chinese decent are pulled to the bandwagon. Well, not everyone, that is. Some Pinoys chose to spend it as an ordinary day (due to different religions and beliefs).

So why am I writing about it? What is the connection to getting rich? What is the connection to the Law of Attraction?

First question. Why am I writing about it?
Filipinos, though not in general, tend to follow things that are in fashion.TV have a big influence in our lives.
One TV show that I watched recently showed a lot of Chinese charms, bracelets, figurines and a whole lot of things to counter badluck, attract goodluck, protections against incoming problems and more hoova loova. Aside from the fact that all these should be done in Feng shui way.
My perception to these things is that, why buy a lot of things just to assure yourself that you are lucky. Or why buy these things to assure you're not getting any bad lucks this year. Chinese as we know it are inherently business people. They like to make a profit in everything they do.
The thing that baffles me is why do they make all these charms and hoova loova when in the end of the TV show they say that we, as viewers, should not take these things seriously because we make our own destinys. We should still have faith in God that all things will be well and no bad lucks will come to us. It is just a representaton actually, if you come to think of it, that when you see the charm bracelet against sickness and misfortune, you begin to think "I am well, I am healthy, I am protected."
Second question, What is the connection to getting rich?
Simple, people still need icons or representations just to remind them everyday to think positive, think healthy and think rich.
Third question, What is the connection to the law of attracton?
In my opinion, as a newbie, if you think you're lucky, you are. If you think you're rich, you are, even if your environment or present situation is far from the truth.

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