Saturday, February 23, 2008

Think Happy Thoughts

"Come with me to Never Land," Peter Pan said.
"How do we get there?" asked Michael.
"We fly, of course," Peter said, zipping around the room.
"Then we cannot go," said Wendy sadly. "We do not know how to fly."
"Flying is easy," Peter Pan said. "JUST THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS."
Wendy, John, and Michael thought very happy thoughts. Tinker Bell sprinkled them with pixie dust. It fell down all over the room.
Soon, Wendy, John and Michael were zipping and zooming around. They could fly just like Peter Pan.
My daughter, who is just three years old asked me, "How do we fly mama?" , "Why can they fly?", "Can I fly too?" Imagine my dilemna on how can I explain to a three year old that people can't fly.
The sequel to Peter Pan, Return to Never Land, has this part:
"Jane I knew you could do it," Peter Pan said. "All you needed was faith, trust, and a little pixie dust."
"You were right all the time. I will always believe in you, Peter Pan," Jane said.
Key words to the story of Peter Pan are happy thoughts, faith, trust, believe. Now the question is, where do we get some pixie dust in order for us to fly?

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